Information about Kindarma


Welcome to Kindarma.

If you are looking for a place to feel understood, listened to and validation of what you are going through - you've found a place you can trust.

Not only a place you can trust, but people you can connect with, talk to and find relief, hope and confidence that you are on the right path.


There are no doubt many places, people and sources you have been to in search for answers to life's challenges. It can be an extremely lonely and isolating journey. One that we have been on ourselves, which is why we are now here at Kindarma. 


We have stood where you are now. Fearing that we are somehow not ok, not normal, will be judged and not understood. How could anyone understand? They've never been through something like you have. Well, now you can feel like you are ok, and you will get through - we are the hope - because we have got through it.


Confidentiality and trust are most important to us here at Kindarma, that is why all of our team has been screened and background checked before they have any contact with you. Stay safe in the knowledge that the team here at Kindarma are people of integrity, credibility and most of all, kindness.


If you are seeking to talk to someone who will listen, understand, not judge and walk with you on your journey, Kindarma is a place for you. We know because this is what we where looking for. We are so sure that you will be left feeling more hopeful and optimistic that we promise if you don't, we will return your money. No questions asked. 

Please contact me directly with any queries & questions. If you are looking to heal, we are a step on that journey. We know we can't do it for you - but we can do it with you.


Shelley Buchanan 

Founder & CEO.