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Hi there,

If you are looking for someone to talk with - someone who won't compare, judge, advise, or minimize how big of a deal it is to share this part of yourself - I'm available to you. Talk therapy is expensive, and in my own life I decided not to spend money that way, since I wasn't really looking for help or advice. I was just looking for someone who identified with me that I could break down and talk to. I wanted someone who could let me take off my "armor" and talk from the heart - even if on that day my heart felt ugly, guilty, mean, in pain, or otherwise difficult to share with other loved ones in my life.

I hope to meet you with some quietness and some compassion, and hopefully some level of understanding. I am available by phone or Google Hangouts, and can meet in person with anyone near Orange County, CA.

My personal experience is with surviving domestic violence, sexual assault, addiction, and eating disorders -- but I am available to you regardless of what you are up against. I'd love to spend time with you, just to breathe, to listen, and at times to remind you that we are capable of making things better.

Much love,

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