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From childhood to 18 years I was a ward of the court system and into foster care with alcoholic parents and being very blocked from my birth family completely

I had no one that understood me as a child I was always very intuitive and aware growing up. I also was teased ridiculed and picked on. I was pushed in the corner and into the background not feeling like I could be heard. Aside from foster care my own family never understood me because they couldn't understand themselves at mature levels. I went from lack of confidence to broken hearted by the age of 15 I suffered from PTSD and so many anxieties from moving to so many foster homes and schools for so long.

At the age of 18 I learned how to be more and more in tune with my gifts. I worked with other healers and empaths that have told me that I too was a gifted empath, clarifying what I already knew at a subconscious level. I paid no attention to this until I hit the age of 21 when I went through another turmoil of loss and grief where I lost both my parents due to illness.

My soul tested me that same year where I met the love of my life my soulmate aspect of myself and he triggered me to take on more emotional challenges when he walked out of my life I was broken because he was my only crutch at the time.

This caused me more pain and trauma resulting in deep Post traumatic stress disorder and my anxiety deepened. At the age of 24 I was so depressed helpless things started to fall apart and I became homeless due to not wanting to work or do anything with my life as I felt I had no purpose. I met a women at that facility that led me to a book that changed my life forever and that caused me to look deeper into spiritually healing and as a result, I discovered my true path and I studied to become a life and soul coach as well as a fine turned and trained master in metaphysics, assisting people in manifesting their dreams into reality such as more abundance meeting the love of your life, better relationships with friends and family as well as create more wealth for yourself.

As a coach, my life turned around 360°. Compassion and self love as well as working with those who deal with the soulmate and twin flame challenges. I have dealt with this for over a decade. Now I'm 31 and mastered my triggers, learned self love and self care I now challenge you to open up your mindset to find where you are stuck in life. What problems do you face?, I want to take you by the hand step by step and help you from where you are to where you want to be in life. When we talk and when you share yourself with me I will give each client a step by step guide formula to aid and assist you taking you by the hand to create the life you desire. On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy are you why are you not smiling inside? You deserve the Ultimate freedom love and peace in your mind body heart and spirit. The freedom that makes you giggle inside!

How is my story relatable to yours? I got you covered as a post traumatic stress coach and eft tapping coach I was trained to recognize that trauma no matter how deep or how wounded someone is the pain is always going to transmute itself during the sessions.

What is EFT tapping

basically it works like accupuncture only it is done by tapping specific points on the body stating your worst enemy and challenges you may be facing or what ever the issue may be, then we bring your conscious awareness to that of which you would like to feel and experience on a positive healthy note. In other words reprograming the mind and emotional body.

I cleared numerous ailments naturally and I even manifested things easier! I didn't have the life I have now I was bed ridden sad and depressed all the time I had no one to talk to that really understood what i was going through. Trust me I understand. :)

Why you need to work with me:

After 2012 the year that changed my life, I became a a coach as I was taught by well known meta-physicians, healers coaches and was trained by the best and have been working privately for almost 7 years!

I cleared my PTSD 100%
I cleared certain health ailments (by accident I'm no doctor but this tapping sequence works!)

I utilize many techniques suited for each individual. Remember, not one size fits all from small to big from basic to practical to spiritual from simple to complex anything is possible in my sessions to meet every need at the cellular level, mental level and emotional level, which ever works for each person. Let's work through this together. You are not alone.

When contacting me Please be ready to heal and be in a state to receive this will help to get you from where you are to where you want to be in a quicker faster and more efficient manner.

I look forward to taking you by the hand and standing by your side.

Lots of love and blessings,

Crystal Grace

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