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I am here to help in any way I can. If you are here on this site to heal from childhood trauma and childhood sexual abuse, I have a ear and many words. Many adults suffer in silence. You need to speak up for yourself! You cant heal what you hide. I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor! I call myself a survivor because I have fought with myself to heal myself. My abuser lived with my mother until almost 4 year ago. I lived with the boogeyman for most of my childhood. I have struggled throughout my life with rejection, abandonment, shame and confusion. I am a only child as well so never had much of a release. I have had many years of counseling, I have taken many classes, joined SA groups, trained with the YWCA to assist rape victims, opened my own Non profit at one time. I believe I have enough life experiences to listen as well as discuss ways to began to heal. This journey does not have to be taken alone.

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