Yasmine Awsem

I am an abundant, authentic, creative and free woman! I have been on a personal development journey for about 5 years now and I can say that transformational work is my absolute passion & dream.
The work I do is built to transform the planet. My biggest dreams involve motivational speaking in every corner of the Earth! I believe in humanity & how powerful we are. I believe that we can do, be and create absolutely anything. There are no limitations- however, the journey begins with you.
I spend almost all my time studying, taking classes and meditating to develop myself. Again, its my passion and just ignites my soul! I have become very observant and understanding of the ego in this time and found powerful tools to work through anything in life.
A little more personal info about me: I grew up in the Pacific NW states of Oregon & Washington in a very conservative, religious household. Growing up- I was very silenced, neglected and shut down. My curiosity, creativity and expression was not encouraged but rather shamed, so I grew up to be very armored, afraid & shut down in my spirit. I've experienced deep depression, suicidal thoughts, chronic anxiety and overall apathy towards life. My work has involved healing my trauma, recognizing that I am not the things others have projected onto me and now- reCreating myself to Be who I am authentically- a creative, passionate, loving, trusting & FREE WOMAN!
This isn't therapy or coaching. You are the driver, you are in control. This is TRANSFORMATION.


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