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What People are Saying about Kindarma


"My family & friends did not understand - how could they? They had no idea what I was going through. Talking with someone who had been through it gave me confidence in what I already know about myself and my abilities. My strength was already there, but it helped when others saw it. I felt a connection that only comes from someone who has lived through a similar experience like this."


"I wanted to know that it was going to get better - I was looking for some hope and that I wasn't alone in my pain. When I listened to Michelle tell her story, I understood that my pain was normal, that I'm not crazy and some people have it much worse than I did."


"It took me so long to say it out loud. Speaking with someone who had gone through abuse helped me get to the next step. I was too exhausted to look for a therapist and even though my family supported me they didn't understand. Kindarma helped me get to ok, it wasn't such a big commitment - it was just a conversation - but it helped me know I was still a good person."

How Can Kindarma Help You ?

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" I realized I had a much bigger role in this universe than I thought. My actions could make an impact and they were a necessary part of something much bigger. Kindarma is a shift is how people can get support and help during challenging times. Speaking with someone who has lived through a similar experience themselves is priceless."

Find Support

" I kept thinking things would get better. I read books, Googled help, and went to a therapist ( without anyone knowing ). Yet, I really needed a two way conversation and someone who would freely speak to me about what worked for them. I'd never faced something like this before & it made a huge difference in being able to move forward."

In a world that appears to be growing more isolated and lonely, we know there are many people who are willing to extend a helping hand. Kindarma connects you with those people. Here you will find a new perspective, no judgment, understanding, a listening ear and a realization that you are not alone.

How ? We know staying positive and optimistic can be difficult when going through transitions. We also know it's hard to do by yourself. We've already been through it - we give you hope that you can do it too. We are the support we wish we'd had when we were in your shoes.