Talk to Someone who Understands.

We've been down the journey already & now want to support you on yours.

Talk to Someone who Understands

How to get started?


Find someone who understands. Gain clarity, a new perspective and insights from someone with objectivity and who has already gone through it. Know you're not alone. Use the filters in your search to find the best match to help you move forward.

Make a Booking

We are background checked, screened and insured. If you have any questions you can message your Darma directly through the site. Your booking includes the date and time and you won't be charged until your session is completed. Confidential and secure.


Once your booking is confirmed, talk to us confidentially by phone or video. There are no judgements, obligations or contracts. Speak to us just the once or as many times as you need. We'll walk the path together - you are not alone - we get it, we've been there.

Kindarma reviews

"She has experience in exactly what I need help with in my life. She understands & has the knowledge of how to help me heal from my past."


"A huge part of my recovery was talking to someone who understood my struggles on a personal level & was able to assist me from this experience without judgement."


"No matter what one is going through, Kindarma allows you to find the best possible one on one connection with a genuine healer of your choice."


Why connect with us?

Regain Hope

Research shows talking to someone who has gone through a similar experience, and who can share how they healed, offers hopefulness, acceptance & validation. Stigma, judgment, & isolation are all reduced when you no longer feel alone in the challenges of life.


Kindarma believes in the powerful source of compassion and wisdom possessed by those who have lived through and survived the challenges of life.

Wisdom and resilience develops from the meaning and lessons we gain when we move through those events. We know that in hearing the stories and vulnerabilities of others, comfort can be gained, and hope rekindled.

Our commitment is to help people share their experiences, and in doing so, reduce the isolation and separation we can all feel when facing life’s challenges.